Jimic is a minimalistic eComic viewer for Java platforms supporting JDK 1.1 and AWT. It allows to read eComics stored in CBZ format with images encoded in JFIF/JPEG or GIF format. To read comics or images in other formats, they first have to be converted (for example using Jomic).

Jimic is designed to be simple and small. It works on all platforms supporting ancient Java standards from 1997. However, cell phones with J2ME are not supported.

Screenshot of Jimic

  • Download (includes source code):
  • Read the manual for more information, in particular keyboard usage.
  • Read what's new in the current release.
  • Read the license. Short version: Jimic is free & open source, have fun.
  • The source code is included in the archive and also available via git from https://github.com/roskakori/jimic.