Vahunz is a CLI-based replace command that can supersede many words across several source files with only one invocation.

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Normally the target words will be created randomly, turning meaningful names into unreadable garbage. For example, a function name like read_input_file() could be replaced by g7B() or something as useless. Additionally, comments and indention can be removed. Text inside string constants and comments will not be modified.

As an option, you can specify specific substitutes, so Vahunz can also be applied in a non-destructive manner. This can be used to replace inconsistent, too short or unlegible names by something more meaningful. Among programmers, this process is known as "The Great Renaming".

The latest version is version 1.7, released 16.4.2001

Vahunz is freeware and requires AmigaOS 2.04 and a 68020 CPU.

As most parts of the source code are written in ANSI C and only uses functions of the standard library, you probably can also compile it under most other systems.